The Tax Resource Group provides free access to tax research materials for tax professionals. In addition, we provide access to high-quality tax consulting services on an hourly- fee basis.

The Tax Resource Group: Professional Tax Research Material, Resources, and Consulting

Our Goal
Our purpose is to help professional tax practitioners with difficult tax technical questions. This allows you to focus on other important things... like client service, or getting new clients, or (more importantly) having a life outside the office.

Free Service on First Case!
Get up to30 minutes of free service on your first case. Of course, this offer is limited to tax professionals only. Also, only one person in your firm is eligible for this free service offer. Call for details.

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Tax Research Library
This library contains hundreds of high-quality technical tax memoranda on a wide variety of topics. The memoranda are organized by topics and are fully word-searchable. This library is a rich resource of already-solved tax problems. Use it as a starting point for your own research.

Tax News
This page contains helpful tax articles and the archives of The Tax Resource Group Newsletter.

Online Tax Resources
This page contains links to other tax resources online.

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